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Founded in 2012, Shenzhen Wanty Photoelectric Co., Ltd is a professional factory manufacturer and one-stop customization solution provider specializing in R&D and manufacturing PCAP capacitive touch screen, TFT LCD display, raspberry pi HDMI touch display, touch display monitor from 2.8 inch to 23.8 inch to meet the ever-growing needs of the global markets.

Shenzhen Wanty is qualified with the Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2015 and Environment Criteria ROHS. By 2022, we have accumulated more than 30 usable patents to prove our professionalism.

Customers Reviews
Paul Prior

Engineer Director From US Customer

Great customer support and a company that stands behind their products. We had one little issue and it was resolved immediately. Will look into more of their products. Screen is great for what we needed.
Matthew A. Stanley

Purchase Manager from UK Customer

The full viewing angle of 7’’ 1024x600 resolution TFT LCD Display is really good and the image quality is also surprisingly good. I am really pleased with the product and it suits my needs.
Alexander Klebanov

Technical Director From Russia Customer

The HDMI display screen is a project kit type monitor for your raspberry pi or micro pc - android boxes. The screen is 'capacitive' touchscreen which is very responsive to the touch. I greatly appreciate the plug and play and driver free installation of this screen. This monitor only requires you to plug in the micro USB cable from the screen to the Raspberry Pi to serve as the power source. Then simply plug in the HDMI cable and the unit is operational.
Helmut Danielewicz

Quality Manager From Poland Customer

Good enough for the price! This 10.1’’ HDMI Touch Display is good for building robots and mechanical programming.
Steven Miller

Product Manager From France Customer

Second HDMI screen I tried. Hooked up two wires: One for power and touch, the other for HDMI. Booted the Pi and poof, it works. Really clear and wide angle of view. Bright enough and responsive. Very pleased with my choice!!
Scott Schniedermeier

Quality Director From German Customer

The HDMI screen is great. I got it for my IOT project development. It got here quick and customer service even emailed me to make sure I received it.
Deniz Rahimi

Engineer Director From Turkey Customer

Used this 7’’ HDMI screen as part of a PC build for a custom temp monitoring display mounted inside the case. Definitely worth the buy - have even watched live TV ball games on this just to test during March Madness and display quality is excellent.

Mounting screw slots are well positioned and with the right sized thumbscrew, the blue backing board is invisible - this was the main beef I had with other mini displays. A++ would highly recommend and purchase again.

Kujira Masaki

General Manager From Japan Customer

Using the HDMI screen with a Pi4. Love the connectors for power and display, saves cables hanging everywhere. Screen is responsive and has good resolution. Used tech support for a question and fast and responsive.
Well worth the cost!!!

Jinseok Kim

Engineer Director From Korea Customer

Nice little screen and supports 5 to 10 touch points. Touch featured was plug and play and Screen is readable under fluorescent lights. There is a acrylic case two little brackets for feet. Keep hands off of the back.
Cable for both direct mount of a r-pi and external cables were included.
A power supply was included, but the screen ran off of the r-pi USB bus without an external supply.

Dmitry Kushnerev

Engineer Manager From Russia Customer

Very well packed and protected. All cables and connectors included for Raspberry Pi (and a screen protector, Nice!) . I was up and running in 2 minutes. Screen is nice and bright, has high sensitive touch response and acrylic housing and stands. Excellent product.
Houdini Knott

Technical Director From Canada Customer

Nice Touchscreen, great resolution and brightness for the lcd display! It surpassed my expectations! It meets our need for medical monitor project.
Antonella Pietrobon

Procurement Manager From Italy Customer

Shipped quickly and arrived as described. Very vibrant screen!

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