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5 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen: 5 Inch 800×480 RGB IPS TFT LCD Display With IIC Capacitive Touch Screen

5 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen: 5 Inch 800×480 RGB IPS TFT LCD Display With IIC Capacitive Touch Screen
Model WTY050667A01LMI
Size 5 Inch
Display Type IPS
Interface RGB
Pin No. 40Pin
Resolution 800×480
Brightness 500cd/m2
Viewing Direction All o’clock
Viewing Angle Range 80/80/80/80Deg.
Contrast Ratio 600:1
LCD Active Area (mm) 108.00×64.80
LCD Outline Dimension (mm) 120.70×75.8×3.00
Anti-Glare/Anti-Reflection/Anti-Fingerprints Available
Touch Type Capacitive
Touch Points 5 Points
Touch IC Chip GT911
Touch Structure G+G
Touch Interface IIC (I2C)
Touch Hardness 6H
Operating Temperature -10ºC~+50ºC
Storage Temperature -20ºC~+60ºC
Bonding Method Optical Bonding, Air Bonding
Support System Windows, Android, Linux etc
Application Fields Industrial Control, Home Automation, Medical Device, Self-service Terminal etc


How Capacitive Touch Screen Works

Basic Structure: A capacitive touch screen is typically composed of multiple layers, including a glass or plastic panel, a transparent conducting layer (usually indium tin oxide or ITO), and a protective outer layer.

Electrodes: The transparent conducting layer has a grid of electrodes (usually made of ITO) running along its surface. These electrodes are arranged in rows and columns, forming a grid pattern.

Electrostatic Field: An electrical current is applied to the rows and columns of electrodes, creating an electrostatic field across the surface of the screen.

Touch Detection: When you touch the screen with your finger (or a conductive stylus), it disrupts the electrostatic field at that point. This happens because the human body is conductive. The conductive object (your finger) effectively draws some of the electrical charge away from the grid point it touches.

Change in Capacitance: The disruption in the electrostatic field results in a change in capacitance at the touched point. Capacitance is a measure of the ability to store an electric charge. When you touch the screen, the capacitance at that specific grid point increases because some charge is “captured” by your finger.

Signal Processing: The touch screen’s controller or processor continuously monitors the capacitance at all grid points. When it detects a change in capacitance (indicating a touch event), it calculates the exact coordinates of the touch point based on which rows and columns were affected.

Data Output: The controller then sends this touchpoint data to the device’s operating system, which interprets it as a touch gesture (e.g., tapping, swiping, pinching) and carries out the corresponding action on the screen.

Key points to note:

Capacitive touch screens can detect multiple touches simultaneously (multi-touch), making them suitable for various gestures like pinch-to-zoom.
They rely on the electrical conductivity of the human body or a conductive object, which is why they may not respond to non-conductive objects like gloves (unless they are specially designed for glove use).
Capacitive touch screens are known for their accuracy, speed, and durability, which makes them popular in smartphones, tablets, ATMs, and other devices requiring precise touch input.

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