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Application of TFT LCD touch screen in China


1. What is a TFT LCD screen?

TFT LCD screen is also called liquid crystal display module (android tft screen), which is mainly assembled by combination, so it is called TFT LCD screen. What are the important components in this module?

(1) Liquid crystal panel, the liquid crystal panel is filled with liquid crystal between two glass substrates, and is an important part of the TFT liquid crystal screen.

(2) The backlight source, including the upper and lower iron frames, LED lights, brightness enhancement films and many other components, can only be lit by the backlight TFT LCD screen.

(3) In addition to the panel and the backlight, there are also ICs, cables, upper and lower polarizers, etc., and even the combination of the touch screen and the PCB board is also called a TFT LCD screen. In short, everyone only needs to know that the TFT LCD screen is a combination of the entire components.

2. Industries where TFT LCD screens are used

At present, the application of TFT LCD screen is quite extensive, including the use of electric power, transportation, industry, medical treatment, smart home, artificial intelligence and other industries. With the increase of smart products, the utilization rate of TFT LCD screen will continue to rise in the future.

TFT LCD screen is one of the liquid crystal products with good display effect, simple development, reasonable price and wide application. TFT LCD products have high yield and high reliability, and are the first choice for many intelligent terminal products.

The TFT LCD is capable of displaying full-color or monochrome video from a camera, DVD, or other video input, and serves as a multi-function display while integrating data from other sources.



Application of TFT LCD touch screen in automobile
Due to its high cost performance and low cost, TFT liquid crystal displays are more and more used in automotive configurations, and have become the mainstream of automotive audio-visual system and automotive navigation system displays. With the development of artificial intelligence, the content of in-vehicle displays will continue to be enriched, and the specifications of in-vehicle LCD panels will also increase day by day. High-definition display quality, high brightness, large size, wide viewing angle, thinning, lightweight, high reliability, and low power consumption will become the development trend of future vehicle displays.

The central control area of ​​some cars is still dominated by solid buttons with traditional structures, and the high-end versions of some cars use touch screens. The design concept of physical buttons greatly restricts the interior design, and the space utilization rate is low, which hinders the passenger space in the front row. At the same time, the central control needs to set up corresponding functional areas, such as the central control screen, air conditioning area, vehicle control area, etc., which will complicate the central control area and is not conducive to user operations. The user must find the corresponding key operation among the numerous keys, and must also adapt to the arrangement of the central control keys of different models. Compared with touchscreens used in consumer electronics,

(1) Large touch screen.

(2) Support multi-touch.

(3) High reliability.

(4) Has high durability.


Among them, large-scale and multi-touch are mainly to meet the user’s experience, which is consistent with the trend of electronic consumer goods. At the same time, the automotive field has put forward higher requirements for touch screens, requiring high reliability and high durability. These characteristics reflect the specific requirements of the automotive field for the central control touch screen of the TFT liquid crystal display.

With the development of intelligence, the touch screen in the car has also become the mainstream. In response to this trend, panel manufacturers have developed new technologies in the field of vehicle display to occupy a favorable market position. A large-size, high-definition, multi-function all-in-one vehicle touch panel will become standard. At the same time, the car panel needs to be able to be affected by the driving environment, outdoor strong light and high temperature, and the car navigator with resistive or capacitive touch screen has strong anti-interference ability.

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