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cheap Capacitive Touch Screen satisfy more people’s desire for electronic products


In the market of electronic products, we can see that the price difference between different products will be very obvious. For example, our mobile phones are basically using capacitive touch screens. Some mobile phones have tens of thousands. The price, and some mobile phones can be bought for a few hundred dollars, and the functions are similar, and they are all large-screen touchable forms. This price difference involves the cost of cheap capacitive touch screens, and such products give different consumers room to choose.

Now electronic technology is very developed, and this kind of large-screen touch mobile phone has formed a common use phenomenon for people, but it does not mean that everyone’s family conditions are very good, and they can buy many functions. And the materials used are very good products. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of different consumers, mobile phones or other electronic products will reduce the cost of materials from the touch screen during the production process, so that it can meet the requirements of use, so that more people can use large-screen electronic products.

The technology used by the so-called capacitive touch screen is to use the current induction in the human body to recognize specific operating instructions, and the screen is composed of 4 layers, and its operating principle is a multi-touch mode, which is achieved by adding mutual capacitance electrodes. Realize the transmission of instructions. The working principle of the capacitive touch screen on the surface is very simple, so its price is also very low, and the working range of use is also very wide.

The projected capacitive touch screen has fast response, good light transmittance, and a long service life. It will not change the capacitance value due to the influence of the environment, so the stability will be relatively poor. The accuracy of the touch can be adjusted by proofreading. These two forms of products offer different price ranges, and also give room for the development of inexpensive capacitive touch screens, thereby satisfying the desire of more people to use smart electronic devices.

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