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Capacitive Touch Screen manufacturers in China choose two elements


In the era of the electronics industry, various brands are advancing with the times and launching a variety of products with higher technology and higher performance. The development process of the touch screen has achieved many results so far, and now the capacitive touch screen has become an indispensable existence in many fields. However, there are many manufacturers of capacitive touch screens in China. When choosing a manufacturer, some comprehensive factors need to be considered so as not to affect the overall quality of the touch screen.

Wanty Production Line

Manufacturer establishment time and strength
There are many manufacturers of capacitive touch screens in China. When choosing, the first consideration is the establishment time of the manufacturer. Relatively speaking, manufacturers that were established earlier in this industry and have been able to develop to this day must have certain strength. Under the fierce market competition, manufacturers who are unable to keep up with the times or do not know how to bring forth the new and improve the production technology and quality in the development are difficult to gain a foothold and develop in the market. In the case of wanty, the manufacturer was established in November 2015. From its establishment to the present, the manufacturer has been committed to product development and marketing of LCD screens and touch screens. Nowadays, the capacitive touch screen produced by this manufacturer is sold overseas and has become a well-known brand at home and abroad.

Product quality
Choosing a manufacturer requires not only strength, but also the quality of the products presented by the manufacturer. The touch of the high-quality capacitive touch screen can be directly touched by fingers, without the need to use a touch pen to operate. At the same time, it is easy to operate and has the characteristics of wear resistance. Not only that, but gesture recognition can even be achieved.
In summary, when choosing a Chinese capacitive touch screen manufacturer, we must pay attention to the above two aspects. Of course, in addition, you can also comprehensively compare your choices through the manufacturer’s reputation and cost-effectiveness to ensure that the selected manufacturer can provide high-quality capacitive touch screens to ensure the life of the touch screen.