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Electronic Engineer

  • Responsible for completing the design and development of electronic hardware, including completing the principle diagram, selection and functional implementation;
  • Responsible for completing hardware debugging and testing;
  • Responsible for TFT/CTP adverse analysis and writing adverse analysis reports.


  • More than two years of TFT/CTP electronic related work experience;
  • Understand the principle of LCM/CTP;
  • Familiar with daily office software and PADS software.

Location: Shenzhen, China
Number of applicants: 6


Quality Engineer

  • Responsible for the quality control of the entire production process from samples to mass production, seek through testing, and control the improvement process to improve the product quality;
  • Solve the quality problems that appear during the product process and improve the quality of abnormal quality and improvement of quality;
  • Follow up the quality of the product, deal with customer complaints and provide solutions;
  • Develop various inspection standards and documents related to quality;
  • Guide the quality improvement, analysis and improvement of bad materials of the foreign cooperative factory;
  • Analyze and improve the poor and retreat of customers, improve the yield rate and reduce the dispersing rate;
  • Follow -up and improve results of the reasons for the unqualified product of finished products;
  • Analysis of quality issues and the reply of the report.


  • Understand the requirements of ISO9001, QC7 methods, SPC and MSA related;
  • More than 3 years of quality management related work experience, especially the ability to operate quality management;
  • Have good communication and coordination and writing ability.

Location: Shenzhen, China
Number of applicants: 5



  • Responsible for the inspection of the quality of ingredients, and be familiar with the inspection/judgment criteria of various materials;
  • Responsible for the material status logo as required, and be responsible for the quality inspection and record of the quality of materials as required;
  • Understand and check the latest BOM, ECN and other related files;
  • Responsible for the abnormal feedback and follow -up of the quality of the ingredients, and the inventory of the hidden danger materials;
  • Responsible for the identification of the material when the warehouse refund the material;
  • Ensure that qualified materials enter the position in time and accurately enter the position
  • Participate in new materials and new products to introduce some sample evaluation.


  • Familiar with quality management reflects ISO9001, ISO14000, QC080000 etc;
  • Familiar with the processing process of feeding authentication, feeding inspection and online materials, and regularly organize reviewing suppliers to review the quality of feed;
  • The principle of personal affairs is strong, quality priority, and good at communication and coordination.

Location: Shenzhen, China
Number of applicants: 4


Process Engineer

  • Responsible for the abnormality and tracking of the entire production process from samples to mass production;
  • To solve the abnormalities in the product production process, the cause analysis and quickly provide solutions to ensure the smooth production;
  • Analysis and improvement of the cause of material loss;
  • 4 Optimize the process, improve production efficiency, improve yields to improve projects, and improve yields;
  • Design and superiorized tools to ensure smooth production;
  • Optimize the test program to ensure poor detection;
  • Cooperate with the cost of procurement department, and the introduction of new materials;
  • Revision SOP files, standardize the operation of the production line, and ensure the yield of production.


  • More than 3 years of process management related work experience;
  • The use of common office software;
  • Have good writing ability.

Location: Shenzhen, China
Number of applicants: 6