TFT LCD touch display

US Capacitive Touch Digitizer manufacturer


In touchscreen devices, the digitizer is a layer of glass designed to convert analog touch comments to digital signals. Both capacitive and resistive touch screen devices have digitizers. It is essentially a layer of glass placed over the liquid crystal display (LCD) layer of the device. The main purpose of a digitizer is to convert an analog signal in a...
TFT LCD touch display manufacturers provide better display effects


In the field of electronic products, our understanding of products is actually not very deep. For example, our mobile phones. Why are some mobile phones very expensive and some are very cheap? When we compare mobile phones, we will I found that the image on your mobile phone is particularly clear because the technology involved in its display is very...
Detailed inspection methods for LCD Display manufacturers


Liquid crystal display is a common display and one of the most widely used displays in the display industry. It has the characteristics of good display effect, simple structure, low energy consumption, high brightness and wide temperature range. Many industry terminal products use LCD screens as display terminals. Do we know how the LCD screen is tested? Today I will...
What are the characteristics of buying LCD Display?


Nowadays, high technology is becoming more and more developed, and there are more and more specifications and models of LCD Display, including industrial production touch screens, capacitive sensor touch screens, resistive touch screens, etc. Many companies do not understand which touch screen is more powerful. For most companies, as long as the touch screen can be used normally, other issues...