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Can you provide the product mechanical drawing and specification datasheet?

According to customers’ detailed requirements, we will provide the corresponding proposals and technical datasheet accordingly.

How to control the quality of products?

The company has a professional quality team, and all products are 100% inspected before shipment.

Quel est votre service après-vente pour les produits ?

We provide 24hrs online technical supports for customers.

Quelle est votre politique de garantie ?

Garantie 12 mois dans des conditions normales d'utilisation. La responsabilité en vertu de cette garantie est limitée au remplacement de tout produit jugé défectueux dans des conditions normales d'utilisation.

Quel est le MOQ ?

No MOQ for sample order. MOQ 100pcs for mass order.

What’s the delivery time?

3 days for standard samples.
About 15 days for customized sample after customers confirms our drawing.
About 30-35 days for mass production.

Can I purchase a sample before placing a mass order?

Yes. Placing a sample order is available before a formal mass order. No MOQ for sample but it needs to be charged. For standard sample, the lead time is 72hrs in working days. For customized sample, the lead time is about 15 days in working days.

What’s the product application areas?

Our products are mainly used in Smart home, Banking Terminals, Security Monitoring, Vehicle Navigation, POS / Advertising Display, Medical Equipment, handhold devices etc…

What’s the lifetime of backlight?

40000 hours typically under general operating environment.

What’s the bonding method of touch display?

OCA Bonding (or Optical Bonding) and Air Bonding.
OCA/Direct Bondage isgluing touch panel and LCD together in a seamless manner.
Air Bondage is attaching capaitive touch panel and the four sides of the LCD, there is an air gap between touch panel and LCD.

What’s the interface of TFT LCD Display?

Displays below 7’’ , have RGB and MIPI interface.
Displays between 7’’ to 10.1’’, have RGB, LVDS, MIPI interface.
Displays between 11.6’’ to 15.6’’, have EDP interface.
Displays above 15.6’’, have LVDS interface.

What’ the special treatment of Capacitive Touch Panel?

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Glare, Anti-reflection (sun-readable), Anti-Fingerprints, Anti-Explosion, Anti-Blue Ray, Waterproof etc..

Do you support customization?

Yes. We are a factory manufacturer and customization solution provider for capacitive touch screen and TFT LCD Display.

The customization solution for capacitive touch screen includes customizing sizes, structure, cover glass, thickness, outline dimensions, interface type, interface position and direction, shape, color, logo printing etc.. In conclusion, we can customize a new capacitive touch screen completely as your required. The customization solution for TFT LCD Display mainly involves to the brightness.

What structure of Capacitive Touch Panel do you support?

G+G type, P+G type, G+F type, G+FF type. G+G type is common used in our products.

What’s your main sizes of Capacitive Touch Screen?

Our main sizes are from 0.96 inch to 21.5 inch.