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HDMI LCD touch screen supplier analysis

hdmi lcd touch screen

Since its development, touch screens have not only become an indispensable part of the automation field, but also expanded their application industries from traditional industries to logistics, medical and other fields. With the development of technology, more and more domestic automation manufacturers have invested in the research and development of HDMI LCD touch screens. The rapid growth of China’s HDMI LCD touch screen market has also accelerated the continuous progress of domestic HDMI LCD touch screen manufacturers in product technology. Therefore, HDMI’s market share has maintained steady growth in recent years.

But when it comes to HDMI LCD touch screen products, many people first think of the old giants in the automation industry, such as Siemens and Mitsubishi, but they do not have a deep understanding of other touch screen suppliers or do not trust the stability of other brands. From the perspective of reliability, simply analyze the differences in touch screen manufacturers.

1. Brand positioning of touch screen manufacturers
After years of hard work, product and technology accumulation and rich industry application experience, many touch screen supplier giants have their own products in terms of function and performance, leading the industry trend. With strong technical force, most of them are positioned in the high-end market. Most manufacturers and upstream and downstream small and medium-sized enterprises are unable to reach the low-end market. They are mainly based on mainland and Taiwan brands, with low prices and good market reputation, accounting for half of the global market. Today, the road to “small profits but quick turnover” is getting narrower and narrower. Therefore, many manufacturers have increased the development of new HDMI touch screen products and the upgrade of original products, or created product differentiation to improve overall competitiveness.

capacitive touch screen manufacturer

2. Reliability of hdim touch screen manufacturers
The touch screen is the medium of interaction and information exchange between the system and the user. It is not only suitable for places with good environment such as medical equipment and light industrial production lines, but also requires long-term operation in harsh industrial environments, including extreme temperatures, high humidity and dusty places or places with high vibration intensity. In order to ensure normal production, the reliability of the manufacturer is particularly important.

hdmi lcd touch screen
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