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10.1inch 1280×800 HDMI USB Capacitive Touch Screen IPS TFT LCD Display With Acrylic Protection Case Raspberry Pi Touch Display Kits

China Factory Manufacturer Raspberry Pi 10.1’’ 1280×800 HDMI Touch Display 10points Touch Driver Free Supporting Raspbian Windows Android Linux

Industry10.1 1280×800 HDMI USB 5Touch C-Touch Plug And Play Capacitive Touch Panel Display Monitor For Raspberry Pi Desktop PC Mini PC

Technical Datasheet Download:T101GBP005-V0

Model T101GBP005
Size 10.1 Inch
Display Type IPS
LCD Interface LVDS
Pin No. 40Pin
Resolution 1280×800
Brightness 300cd/m2
Viewing Direction All o’clock
Viewing Angle Range 85/85/85/85Deg.
Active Area (mm) 216.96×135.60
Module Outline Dimension (mm) 248.67×175.16×14.30
Anti-Glare/Anti-Reflection/Anti-Fingerprints Available
Touch Type Capacitive
Touch Points 10 Points
Touch IC Chip GT9271
Touch Structure G+G
Touch Interface IIC (I2C)
Touch Hardness 6H
Module Structure PCAP Touch & LCD Display & PCB
PCB Interface HDMI USB
Cables With/Without
Operating Temperature -10ºC~+50ºC
Storage Temperature -20ºC~+60ºC
Bonding Method Optical Bonding, Air Bonding
Support System Windows, Android, Linux etc
Application Fields Industrial Control, Home Automation, Medical Device, Self-service Terminal etc


Video Audio Playback: 1280×800 display resolution (HDMI input resolution supports any resolution from 1280×800); 3.5mm audio/headphone jack makes the display no longer mute.

Perfect for Raspberry Pi 4: Micro HDMI adapter included for hassle-free connection to Raspberry Pi 4; also compatible with all other models in the A&B series.

【Efficient Heat Dissipation】This screen is equipped with a brushless silent fan and powerful heat dissipation function, so there is no need to worry about overheating problems and noise.

More features: Support HDMI audio split; can update up to 30 frames per second; backlight can be turned on/off. Plug and Play: No need to restart the Pi when connecting, no external power supply required.

Portable Touchscreen: The overall dimensions of this small screen are 3.38″ x 2.00″ (86mm x 56mm), and the included stylus, cooler and HDMI adapter make this kit complete and easy to use.


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After years of development, in order to better integrate the company’s resources and provide customers with the most advantageous products, in 2016, all the Shenzhen production lines were relocated to Yongzhou, Hunan province. At present, Shenzhen office and Hunan factory have a total of more than 500 employees, with more than 20,000 square meters of standard clean plant.
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