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Introduction to the main performance and characteristics of LCD touch screen


From the front view, the touch LCD display is no different from the ordinary display, but from the back, there is one more signal line than the ordinary display, that is, the signal line that connects to the touch screen. Ordinary displays usually do not need special drivers when in use, while touch displays must have special touch screen drivers when in use, otherwise they cannot be touch-operated.

Basically, there are internationally well-known brands such as 3M, ELO, GVision, etc., but the relatively high-priced domestic Baochuang electronic technology, gorgeous HY-TOUCH, and the pursuit of cost-effectiveness, domestic brands are a good choice!

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First of all, as a professional LCD touch display manufacturer, there are unique methods for the overall mold and mechanism design, the layout of electronic parts, and the fixing of the touch screen. GVision’s products are not only self-developed and designed A/D boards, but the overall mechanism is also designed for The touch screen is professionally designed for fixing, using some uniquely designed iron parts as fixing, not just fixing and pasting with tape. Secondly, professional touch monitors generally reserve a certain system setting space, which can be compatible with other touch screens. Thirdly, the work of professional touch displays is relatively stable, and the accuracy of the touch display is relatively high. For example, the overall application level of the touch display is high, and therefore, the overall application level of the touch display is high.
According to the pressure of domestic prices, users mostly use disassembly and patchwork, and this market is chaotic.

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It is better to use market brand machinery to transform, remove the shell, fix the touch screen on the front of the display with tape, and install the front frame and shell. Under normal circumstances, the shell is to use tools to eliminate some of the components that hinder the installation of the touch screen. Lead out the touch screen control line, and then install the shell. If the quality is worse, directly use the counterfeit display on the market to transform it. Basically these The monitors cannot get effective quality assurance, and the after-sales maintenance is a bit troublesome.

These applications are generally low-priced query applications. Medical, high-end POS, and industrial touch displays are generally equipped with 5-wire resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screens, and surface acoustic wave touch screens. Due to their technical characteristics, 4-wire resistors are currently only low-end products, such as assembled touch displays. Used. Public inquiries are mainly based on surface acoustic wave touch screens. In addition, some large-size LCD TVs are generally equipped with infrared touch screens and acoustic wave screens, of which infrared screens are more common.

Under normal circumstances, if the customer is very CARE quality, it is recommended to choose a branded touch monitor, because the after-sales service is guaranteed, if the customer is very CARE price, you can consider using an assembled monitor.