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China PCAP Touchscreen Monitor manufacture: 15.6 Inch USB G+G 10 Points PCAP Capacitive Touch Screen

China PCAP Touchscreen Monitor manufacture: 15.6 Inch USB G+G 10 Points PCAP Capacitive Touch Screen
Model WTY156D12A01
Size 15.6 Inch
Interface USB
Structure G+G
IC Chip ILI2511
Resolution 1920×1080
Hardness 6H
Transparency ≥82%
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Working Voltage 5V
Touch Points 10 points
Viewing Area (mm) 344.70×193.60
Outline Dimension (mm) 373.63×232.34
Operating Temperature -20ºC~+70ºC
Storage Temperature -30ºC~+80ºC
Support System Windows, Android, Linux etc
Campi di applicazione Industrial Control, Home Automation, Medical Device, Self-service Terminal etc

HOW PCAP Touchscreens Work?

A Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT; also PCAP) technology consists of an insulator such as glass, which is coated with a transparent conductor, like ITO (indium tin oxide). The user’s finger conducts electricity, so touching the surface of the screen results in a distortion of the screen’s electrostatic field; that distortion is measurable as a change in capacitance.

In other words, a capacitance-based sensor is a circuit designed to sense touch by coupling with the electrical fields; touch causes the capacitance of the circuit to change.

Different technologies may be used to determine the location of the touch; the location is then sent to the controller for processing. The way Apple describes it, the process is fairly straightforward:

Read output from sensing points, producing and analysing the touch data
Then compare the current data to past data and perform actions based on the comparison
Additionally, receive and filter the raw data, generate gradient data, calculate boundaries and coordinates for each touch region, performing multipoint tracking.


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