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As one of professional Capacitive Touch Screen Manufacturer in China, We are the premier supplier of TFT LCD Display around the world. 12.1 Inch PCAP Cap-Touch C-Touch Capacitive Touch Screen For Industry Application Technical Datasheet Download:WTY121397A07 Mechanical Drawing The 12.1 Inch Touch Panel (Model No. WTY121397A07) is a G+G structure capacitive touch panel, which is composed of a cover glass,...
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What is LCD touch panel  The touch panel is also called the touch screen. All electronic devices use the screen. If you don’t want your screen to be occupied by half the area of ​​the boring keyboard, you must use the touch screen as the medium of human-computer dialogue. The touch screen is the latest computer. Input device, it is...
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A capacitive touchscreen is a control display that uses conductive touch from a human finger or a specialized device for input. Resistive and capacitive The difference between If you pay attention, you will notice the difference between the two screens. Capacitive touchscreens, like very expensive smartphones and tablets, are very responsive to the slightest touch. Meanwhile, resistive touchscreens may require...
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Nowadays, the application of electronic technology has achieved very obvious results in various fields. Electronic products also have different forms of expression with the support of technology. Some have become mobile phones, some have become computers, and some have become devices connected to computers. Capacitive touch digitizer is a professional electronic device closely related to computers. However,capacitive touch digitizer suppliers...
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In the production process of products, different quality will appear due to different raw materials or different producers. At the same time, different requirements for products will also lead to great differences in the use characteristics of the products. When C-touch screen manufacturers produce products, they will control the scope of use of the product and the use requirements that...