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OEM ODM 15.6 Inch FHD 1920×1080 30pin EDP 220cd/m2 IPS TFT Capacitive Touch Display Module PCAP 10Touch ILI2511 G+G Touchpad Panel Display TFT LCD Screen Technical Datasheet Download:WTY156D24A01 Model LCD TY156GEI220 Specification The 15.6-inch LCD Touch Display  (Model No. WTY156D24A01LM) is of a color TFT LCD display panel with FHD 1920×1080 resolution and standard 30pin EDP interface, which support sunlight-readable, IPS...
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As the world returns to the office - at least to some extent - one of the biggest concerns for companies is ensuring that a given work setup keeps employees safe, connected, happy and effective at work. The look of an office environment can vary greatly, however, there is a growing perception that work is not where you go, but...
Industry-wide impact of Australian LCM manufacturers


LCM is simply a driver interface, and the function of this interface is to allow users to provide the correct data connection according to the requirements of the interface, so as to have better display quality. Therefore, in many cases, the manufacturer of the product determines the quality of the entire product and the development of the later industry. So...
I fornitori di digitalizzatori touch capacitivi forniscono prodotti di alta qualità per lo sviluppo tecnologico


Nowadays, the application of electronic technology has achieved very obvious results in various fields. Electronic products also have different forms of expression with the support of technology. Some have become mobile phones, some have become computers, and some have become devices connected to computers. Capacitive touch digitizer is a professional electronic device closely related to computers. However,capacitive touch digitizer suppliers...
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If you work in a company or handle some business, you will find that the amount of paper used in the current working environment has been significantly reduced. The general office work is done by computer. If you need to report work or submit some specific proposals, it will also be displayed on the computer. In large-scale meetings, touch-sensitive displays...
What are the maintenance methods of the touch screen?


Due to technical limitations and poor adaptability to the environment, the screen cannot work normally due to pollution such as water droplets and dust, so the touch screen also needs regular maintenance like ordinary machines. In addition, since the touch screen is a highly integrated touch control machine with a variety of electrical equipment, the following issues should be paid...