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China Multi Touchscreen HDMI Raspberry Pi Touch Display


With the continuous advancement of technology, computer screens are now getting bigger and bigger. The touch screen is one of the latest screen technologies, which can make users operate more intuitively and conveniently. Chinese tech giant Huawei is working on a multi-touch HDMI Raspberry Pi touch Display that can connect to the Raspberry Pi and connect the Display via the...
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Si può dire che il display touch sia il nuovo preferito dei prodotti elettronici di consumo, non solo ha portabilità, ma ha anche una buona esperienza tattile. Allora, come è fatto il display touch lcd tft? Innanzitutto la retroilluminazione del display touch lcd tft è una parte molto importante. La retroilluminazione è solitamente una grande lampadina bianca,...
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TFT LCM is a TFT LCD module, TFT means Thin Film Transistor, color display, is currently the most popular and widely used display technology. TFT LCM structure is TFT LCD glass with polarizer, FOG components and LED backlight, frame together. Techopedia Explains Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Displays (TFT LCD).     Thin-film transistor liquid crystal display technology uses "field-effect"...
cheap Capacitive Touch Screen saves you living expenses while giving you a high-end experience


As the world returns to the office - at least to some extent - one of the biggest concerns for companies is ensuring that a given work setup keeps employees safe, connected, happy and effective at work. The look of an office environment can vary greatly, however, there is a growing perception that work is not where you go, but...
US Pen Touch Display manufacturer introduces the perfect product for all your writing needs


If you're looking for a high-quality stylus monitor, then you need to check out products from US stylus monitor manufacturers. They have a huge selection of products that are perfect for all your writing needs, and they always come up with new and innovative products to keep your writing style in check. Are you in the market for a stylus...
How does the LCD Display work?


LCD display at the most basic level, most (but not all) liquid crystal displays change the polarization state of light passing through the liquid crystal layer. The competition between the boundary conditions and the applied electric field controls the geometry of the layer. Generally, for this type of LCD, nematic liquid crystals are used, and special coatings are applied on...