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What are the characteristics of buying LCD Display?


Nowadays, high technology is becoming more and more developed, and there are more and more specifications and models of LCD Display, including industrial production touch screens, capacitive sensor touch screens, resistive touch screens, etc. Many companies do not understand which touch screen is more powerful. For most companies, as long as the touch screen can be used normally, other issues are not paid attention to. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to industrial LCD screens and see what features this industrial LCD screen has.

Industrial LCD screen features: can withstand a very large temperature range.
Nowadays, many emerging industries have high requirements for the adaptability of mechanical equipment to the natural environment, so ordinary touch screens may not be able to be used in some unique natural environments. It can be seen from the test report of relevant departments that the cold resistance of this touch screen can reach -30 degrees Celsius and the heat resistance can reach 80 degrees Celsius, which means that the application of this touch screen can meet the requirements of most of the working environment of the enterprise.

What are the characteristics of industrial LCD screens

Someone might say that it can be operated manually, but it does not necessarily require a touch screen. This was possible before, but now is the age of intelligent systems. If we do not use intelligent systems and machinery, companies will not be able to develop trends, let alone make money. In addition, manually operated mechanical equipment has low production efficiency and low precision, which undoubtedly cannot meet the needs of today’s market.

 LCD screen features: higher sensitivity.
The sensitivity of this touch screen is very high, and it will be reflected immediately with a light touch with a finger. It is worth noting that the advantage of this touch screen is that dust or moisture will fall on the display screen without giving a certain working pressure, and will not cause misoperation.