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 Demonstrates the use a 16x2 LCD display.  The LiquidCrystal  library works with all LCD displays that are compatible with the  Hitachi HD44780 driver. There are many of them out there, and you  can usually tell them by the 16-pin interface.  This sketch prints "Hello World!" to the LCD  and shows the time.   The circuit:  * LCD RS pin to...
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Projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens are the latest iteration of the decades-long history of touch sensor technology. The use of PCAP touchscreens has increased with the proliferation of consumer electronics, advancements in medical devices, and more complex automotive applications, creating breakthrough specializations and use cases. The conductive mesh of the PCAP screen detects changes in capacitance, which is the mechanism behind...
HDMI LCD touch screen with USB interface


Touchscreen monitors with HDMI require another channel (usually a USB port) to send touch events. Typically, touchscreen monitors require a USB plug to connect to Surface or any computer you connect to. Touchscreen monitors also require a USB connection. The touch function does not work through the display cable only. This cable does not include the touchscreen capabilities of your...