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touch screen display: Made In China Custom 7-inch 800×480 LCM Module Wide Temperature High Brightness 450cd/m2 50pin RGB TFT LCD Module 5Touch Glass+Glass IIC I2C Projectvie Capacitive Touchscreen Display 7 Inch 800×480 TN TFT LCD LCM Module PCAP Multi Points IIC I2C Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor Technical Datasheet Download: CTP WTY070144A20 Mechanical Drawing Technical Datasheet Download: LCD WTY070QW71A01 Specification The touch...
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How to use the touch screen display Use the touch screen. Currently on the market popular LCD touch screen. In fact, the difference between the LCD touch screen and our ordinary display is that there are many screens in it. Most of us are very familiar with touchscreens. We use this technology every day on our cell phones, computers, ATMs...
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In the process of using the liquid crystal display, the liquid crystal molecules are stimulated by electric current to produce dots, lines and surfaces, and then cooperate with the back light tube to form the picture display we see. The main advantage of the LCD display is that the body is light and thin, and it is more power-saving, does...
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In recent years, with the rise of smart phones and tablet computers, the capacitive touch screen market has developed rapidly. From 2008 to 2012, China's touch screen shipments showed a rapid growth trend, with an average annual growth rate of more than 40% in four years, and the industry developed rapidly. In 2012, China's touch panel shipments were 426.64 million...