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  10.1inch 1280×800 HDMI USB Capacitive Touch Screen IPS TFT LCD Display With Acrylic Protection Case Raspberry Pi Touch Display Kits About this product 800 x 480 high hardware resolution, 4 inch touch screen, IPS display, high quality, perfect display from very wide viewing angle. The backlight can be turned off to low power consumption. Compatible with and connects directly...
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LCD technology is to pour liquid crystal between two planes with thin grooves. The grooves in these two planes are perpendicular to each other (intersecting at 90 degrees). That is, if the molecules on one plane are aligned north-south, then the molecules on the other plane are aligned east-west, and the molecules located between the two planes are forced into...
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As one of professional Capacitive Touch Screen Manufacturer in China, We are the premier supplier of TFT LCD Display around the world. 12.1 Inch PCAP Cap-Touch C-Touch Capacitive Touch Screen For Industry Application Technical Datasheet Download:WTY121397A07 Mechanical Drawing The 12.1 Inch Touch Panel (Model No. WTY121397A07) is a G+G structure capacitive touch panel, which is composed of a cover glass,...
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In capacitive systems, the layer that stores the charge is placed on the glass panel of the display. When the user touches the display with a finger or finger, some of the charge is transferred to the user, so the charge on the capacitive layer is reduced. This reduction is measured in circuits located at each corner of the monitor....