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touch screen display suppliers in china take you to understand


What is a touch screen display
The principle of the touch display is actually very simple. Simply put, it is just a touch screen installed on the display to become a display with touch function. At present, the most popular on the market is the liquid crystal touch display. According to the different installation of touch screen, it is generally divided into four types: resistive type, capacitive type, acoustic wave type and infrared type. At present, the touch display on the market mainly adopts capacitive or resistive touch screen, because its installation is relatively simple. From the front, the touch display is not significantly different from the ordinary display. From the back, there is one more signal line than the ordinary display, that is, the signal line connecting the touch screen. Ordinary displays generally do not need special drivers when in use, and touch displays must have dedicated touch screen drivers when they are in use, otherwise, touch operations cannot be performed.

What are the benefits of using a touchscreen display
It should be clear to those who have used it. If you use a display, it is best to use a touch display. There are many places that depend on the operation method of touch. For example, the following start menu must be opened smoothly by touch. If you use the mouse to operate, the mouse needs to be parked on the edge for a period of time to display the start menu, and even the mouse position. Misplaced, the start icon has not been displayed, and the fluency is compromised.


1. A variety of home entertainment and leisure games require touch displays.
Sometimes playing games needs to be shared with others. Although the large-screen touch game is a bit tiring to play, it is much better than the small screen in the sharing process. It performs better in sharing fun with family members. This fun cannot be shared with others.
The touch screen supports handwriting, and you can write directly on the screen when chatting with people QQ. There may not be many people who use this function for handwriting chat. Those who are used to typing on the keyboard use the keyboard very quickly, but for our parents, especially the older generation , they may not be very good at typing, and the advantage of the touch display is that you can directly Handwriting typing on the screen.


2. Zoom in and out of webpage text, you can zoom in and out with two fingers.
This function is also suitable for the elderly. The resolution of the display is getting higher and higher, but the screen size does not change much, resulting in a small font size when viewing news on webpages. You can zoom in and out with your finger.


3. Move fast, click accurately.
If you use the mouse to quickly click on an icon, I believe that most people can’t open or close it accurately at one time, but move the mouse over it, find it at a nearby location, and then open and close it. If you don’t believe me, try moving the mouse directly to the upper right corner. Click the zoom out arrow to zoom out the page, can you click to it right at one time? The touch-type display is to click directly with your finger or a touch pen, which can be very fast and accurate at one time. When watching web pages and watching news, it can be in place at one time. This is a big advantage of touch displays.
The above is the introduction and advantages of some touch screen displays. If you want to know more, you can contact us. Touch screen display suppliers in china will take you to understand.