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welcome to wanty buy touch screen display


The principle of the touch display is actually very simple. Simply put, it is just installed on an ordinary computer monitor.
A touch screen is installed, and it becomes a display with touch function. At present, LCD is more popular in the market.
Touch the display. According to the different installation of touch screen, it is generally divided into four types: resistive type, capacitive type, acoustic wave type and infrared type.

Want to buy a touch screen display, the following points should be noted!
Safety performance
Safety performance is a must for a portable display. Only products with safety guarantees can bring security to buyers. Choosing a product with high safety is not only related to the image of the company or individual, but also to the safety of the public.

Cost-effectiveness is our most important concern, and it is wise to choose products with suitable performance and price.




How does it feel
For touch screen portable displays, the comfort of the product is also very important. Its existence is to serve us better. In today’s society where everyone pursues a high-quality life, good comfort can bring us more benefits.

What is the best touchscreen display for graphic design?
Additionally, it allows you to interact with your computer or device without using a keyboard or mouse. ‍

Another advantage of touch screen displays is that they are often very portable and convenient. ‍

Its features and design make it perfect for busy creatives as well as freelance designers.

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