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What are the advantages of capacitive touch screens made in China


For many products, everyone should have a basic understanding of the concept, and then be able to look at the development of this product and the current environment from a technical point of view, so as to draw a judgment. Just like a capacitive touch screen, after understanding the concept, you can know how to choose such a product. And now what are the advantages of capacitive touch screens made in China.

What is a capacitive touch screen
In a professional explanation, the capacitive touch screen is a four-layer composite glass screen. Its working principle is that when the human body touches the metal layer, it will absorb a very small current from the contact point. At this time, a coupling capacitor will be formed, and the current formed in the process of contact The contacts are analyzed and reacted by electrodes on the glass screen. So there is our operation process.



Advantages of capacitive touch screen made in China
Capacitive touch screens generate relevant signals through touch, rather than pressure. At the same time, when the information is transmitted, the contact point does not need to be corrected, and this step needs to be corrected in the initial use of the resistive screen.


At the same time, the capacitive touch screen will be used for a longer time, and the components inside the screen can complete the relevant instructions without any movement under any circumstances. The last one is that capacitive technology can be more advantageous than resistive technology in terms of the power consumption ratio of the system and other optical losses.
Made in China began to improve from the beginning of technology development. If the previous capacitive screen used foreign technology, then now the capacitive touch screen made in China has gradually become the main product in China, both in terms of quality and after-sales service. are more favored by manufacturers.