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What is the brightness of the LCD monitor?


A liquid crystal display is a device that converts data information (electrical signals) into visual information (graphics and images). I believe no one does not know. The liquid crystal display itself cannot emit light. It needs backlight, control and drive peripheral circuits and structures. The components and other components together form a liquid crystal display module. What is the brightness of the LCD screen? Today, Bian Xiao will give you a brief introduction.

The brightness of the  tft lcd display manufacturer is also called the brightness, which is the maximum brightness of the liquid crystal panel. Sometimes called brightness in the industry, it can be measured with professional equipment such as BM-7/A, CA-310, CS2000, etc. Brightness refers to the brightness of the screen, the unit is candela per square meter (cd/m2) or nits, that is, candles per square meter, usually determined by the backlight module. The brightness of small and medium-sized LCM LCD modules such as mobile phones, MP3, GPS, etc. It can reach about 350 cd/m2, and the mid-to-high end can reach about 450 cd/m2 (pay attention to the test conditions).


The brightness of industrial LCD screens produced by Hongguang Display can reach more than 1000, which can be customized according to different needs of customers. High-brightness products have become the demand of more and more manufacturers. According to the needs, we have carefully developed and designed products suitable for customers’ application scenarios, which have been recognized by many customers.

Everyone has a certain understanding of LCD brightness. Hongguang Display is a professional manufacturer of industrial LCD screens and touch screens. The industrial design is more robust and reliable, making your end products more competitive.