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What kind of convenience does TFT  LCD Touch Display bring to our lives?


As everyone’s life progresses, and the understanding and feeling of new things, touch all-in-ones appear in our lives like bamboo shoots after the rain. First, the use of shopping malls, and then the use of individual merchants, the use of more and more extensive.

New products are completely on the market, and as we advance, the following samples often appear. In different places, what is used to express it, sometimes the display is extremely inconvenient, and how to change it, the answer is with a touch all-in-one machine.


T070GBP001 02
For a set of trading houses, how many floors do we have, and each type of house, when we are showing it, we touch the all-in-one machine to make the plan 3D image of the house. If the guest wants to perceive the floor and type of house, just touch on the screen to select their own floor and House type, when entering the screen, you first feel that you can see different house types and floors at a time, and feel the real floor area after the primary selection. It is quick to choose a room.

The function and dissemination of the inquiry part make the touch all-in-one use more office space. An organization covering an area of ​​6000 square meters is divided into many parts. In different places, when you are at work now, you can use the inquiry machine to understand the current status, as well as the distribution direction and walking route of the parts you want to go. The working hours and business scope of the corresponding part.


In summary, the integrated TFT  LCD Touch Display in china function has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, and improvement anytime, anywhere is efficiency. Of course, this product is not accepted by many people because many people don’t know the convenience and benefits of this product. I sincerely hope that good products will be used in more local areas and make everyone’s lives colorful.