classroom touch screen display

A classroom touch screen display is an interactive tool that allows students to engage with lessons like never before. With a touch screen, teachers can present multimedia content, including videos, images, and websites, and students can respond to questions and participate in activities with just the touch of a finger. Additionally, touch screens can be used to create digital learning resources, like interactive whiteboards, and to monitor student progress.

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a classroom touch screen display. The first is size; it’s important to select a model that is large enough to be seen by all students in the classroom. Secondly, consider the type of feedback the touch screen provides. Some models provide a tactile response, while others have an audible feedback. Finally, decide what software and apps will be used on the touch screen. Certain touch screens are compatible with specific software and apps, so it’s important to make sure the chosen model can run the desired programs.

A classroom touch screen display is a great way to engage students and help them learn. With a touch screen display, you can easily show multimedia content, such as videos and images, as well as interactive content, such as quizzes and games. This makes learning more fun and engaging for students.

1.What methods of payment would you accept?
T/T, Paypal and Credit Card can acceptable.
2.What’s the lead time for sample and mass production?
7 days for sample, 25-30 days for mass production.
3.What’s your delivery method?
Fedex, DHL, UPS, forwarder agent can be acceptable.
4.What’s the MOQ?
There is no MOQ for sample. For mass order, the MOQ is 100pcs per order.
5.What is product warranty policy ?
12 months warranty under normal uses.
6.Would you support customization for capacitive touch screen?
Customized services are available. Firstly, drawing will be made as customers’ required, including the dimensions, thickness, shape, interface type, interface position and direction, logo printing, holes making etc…
Secondly, customers confirm and approve our drawing.
Thirdly, sample-making process as per the confirmed drawing. 3-5pcs customized capacitive touch screen sample will be provided to customers FOR FREE. For extra samples qty, it will be charged.
Fourthly, customers confirm and approve our customized samples, then go mass production.
classroom touch screen display Production Line
  • classroom touch screen display
  • classroom touch screen display
  • classroom touch screen display
  • classroom touch screen display
  • After years of development, in order to better integrate the company’s resources and provide customers with the most advantageous products, in 2016, all the Shenzhen production lines were relocated to Yongzhou, Hunan province. At present, Shenzhen office and Hunan factory have a total of more than 500 employees, with more than 20,000 square meters of standard clean plant.

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