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How LCD Module Manufacturers are Meeting the Growing Demand for Display Technology


LCD module manufacturers are meeting the growing demand for display technology by investing in research and development to produce new and innovative products that meet customer needs. They are also leveraging new manufacturing technologies to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.   One of the key trends in LCD module manufacturing is the development of high-resolution displays. As consumers and...
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A pen touch display, also known as a pen display or graphics tablet display, is a type of touch screen display that allows users to interact with the screen using a stylus or pen. These displays are commonly used by artists, designers, and other professionals who require precise control and accuracy when working on digital artwork, graphic design, or other...
Écran tactile capacitif Cap-Touch de 15,6 pouces


15.6 Inch USB 10 Points Cap-Touch Panel Capacitive Touch screen   The 15.6 Inch Touch Panel (Model No. WTY156D12A01) is a G+G structure capacitive touch panel,  which is composed of a cover glass, sensor glass, driver IC and FPC.  It is driven by a ILI2511 IC Chip, which utilizes an USB interface and supports 10 points touch. Advantages of Capacitive...
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Industry 12.1 Inch IIC I2C G+G Multi Fingers C-Touch Screen Projective Capacitive Touch Panel From China  Factory Vendor   The 12.1 Inch Touch Panel (Model No. WTY121397A07) is a G+G structure capacitive touch panel, which is composed of a cover glass, sensor glass, driver IC and FPC.It is driven by a GOODIX IC Chip GT928, which utilizes a IIC interface and supports 10 points...
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The HDMI USB Touch Display App is the perfect device for displaying presentations, videos, and photos. The app is easy to use and provides a clear and concise image.The HDMI USB Touch Display App is perfect for any business or home user.The app allows you to mirror or extend your computer screen onto a larger screen. The HDMI USB Touch...
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  15.6 Inch ILI2511 USB G+G 10Points Privacy Film C-Touch CAP-Touch PCAP Screen Capacitive Touch Panel 15.6 Inch PCAP Cap-Touch C-Touch Capacitive Touch Screen Panel for FHD 1920×1080 1366×768 LCD Display Technical Datasheet Download:WTY156767A05 Spec The 15.6 Inch Touch Panel (Model No. WTY156767A05) is a G+G structure capacitive touch panel, which is composed of a cover glass, sensor glass, driver IC...
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  10.1inch 1280×800 HDMI USB Capacitive Touch Screen IPS TFT LCD Display With Acrylic Protection Case Raspberry Pi Touch Display Kits About this product 800 x 480 high hardware resolution, 4 inch touch screen, IPS display, high quality, perfect display from very wide viewing angle. The backlight can be turned off to low power consumption. Compatible with and connects directly...
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The capacitive touch screen is a four-layer composite glass screen, which uses the current induction of the human body to work. Capacitive touch screens can be divided into surface capacitive touch screens and projected capacitive touch screens. Both of these two capacitive touch screens have the advantages of high light transmittance, fast response, and long life, but they have poor...