Capacitive Touch Screen

Capacitive Touch Panels and Your Dining Room


Now more and more restaurants are becoming intelligent. When you enter the store, you will see the information of their restaurant playing on the screen on the wall or in front of the cashier. This also uses capacitive touch panels, you are paying Cashiers also make use of capacitive touch panels. It is used everywhere in life.     What...
Vorteile für Hersteller kapazitiver Touchscreens


Mit der Entwicklung von Wissenschaft und Technologie werden kapazitive Touchscreens in immer mehr Bereichen eingesetzt, die bei vielen Benutzern sehr beliebt sind. Was ist ein kapazitiver Touchscreen? Die Technologie des kapazitiven Touchscreens nutzt die aktuellen Sinne des menschlichen Körpers und besteht aus einem mehrschichtigen Glasbildschirm. Wenn Ihr Finger das Metall berührt ...
cheap Capacitive Touch Screen satisfy more people’s desire for electronic products


In the market of electronic products, we can see that the price difference between different products will be very obvious. For example, our mobile phones are basically using capacitive touch screens. Some mobile phones have tens of thousands. The price, and some mobile phones can be bought for a few hundred dollars, and the functions are similar, and they are...
Capacitive touch screen suppliers inventory the many advantages of capacitive touch screens


There are many types of touch screens. In recent years, capacitive touch screens have achieved high successes and have become indispensable in many industries. However, many people are not very aware of the advantages of this type of touch screen. In order to help you better understand the advantages of this type of touch screen, let the capacitive touch screen...
Capacitive Touch Screen manufacturers in China choose two elements


In the era of the electronics industry, various brands are advancing with the times and launching a variety of products with higher technology and higher performance. The development process of the touch screen has achieved many results so far, and now the capacitive touch screen has become an indispensable existence in many fields. However, there are many manufacturers of capacitive...