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Enhance Your Visual Experience with the Latest HDMI Touch Display!


Are you tired of the limitations of traditional displays? Do you want to take your visual experience to the next level? Look no further than the latest HDMI touch displays! These innovative displays combine the crystal-clear picture quality of HDMI technology with the intuitive, user-friendly experience of touch screens. With HDMI touch displays, you can enjoy stunning visuals and interact...
capacitive touch panel


A capacitive touch panel is a type of touch screen technology that is widely used in smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. It works by detecting changes in capacitance when a conductive object, such as a finger or stylus, touches the surface of the panel. There are two main types of capacitive touch panels: surface capacitive and projected capacitive. Surface...
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4,3 Zoll 800×480 kapazitives Touchscreen-LCD-Display


4.3 Inch 800x480 40pin RGB 510cd/m2 Display PCAP 5 Points N8110 G+G Projected Capacitive Touchscreen LCD Display   The 4.3 inch LCD Touch Display  (Model No. WTY043734A01LMI) is of a color tft lcd display panel with 800×480 resolution and standard 40pin RGB interface, which support sunlight readable, high brightness, tape bonding, wide temperature. The touch panel is of a G+G structure capacitive touch...
7 Zoll 1024×600 RGB IPS TFT LCD Display


7 Inch 1024×600 50Pin RGB IPS LCM Monitor TFT LCD Display USB 5 Points CTP C-Touch Screen Panel   The 7 inch LCD Touch Display  (Model No. WTY070144A11LM) is of a color tft lcd display panel with 1024×600 resolution and standard 50pin RGB interface, which support sunlight readable, IPS full viewing, tape bonding/air bonding. The touch panel is of a G+G structure capacitive...
China 15 Zoll kapazitiver Touchscreen


15 Inch USB ILI2511 Glass + Glass 10 Touch Capacitive Touch Panel PCAP Touch screen   The 15 Inch Touch Panel (Model No. WTY150C73A03) is a G+G structure capacitive touch panel, which is composed of a cover glass, sensor glass, driver IC and FPC.It is driven by a ILITEK IC Chip ILI2511, which utilizes a USB interface and supports 10 points touch....
10,1 Zoll 1280×800 IPS HDMI USB Touch Display Kit


10.1 Inch 1280×800 HDMI USB Capacitive Touch Screen IPS TFT LCD Display With Acrylic Protection Case Raspberry Pi Touch Display Kits   The 10.1 inchh HDMI & USB Touch Display Kit (Model No. T101GBP005) is composed of a TFT LCD Display and a PCAP Capacitive Touch Panel and a HDMI USB PCB, which supports 5V power consumption. The model is compatible with...