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Everything you need to know about Japan HDMI LCD touch panel supplier


Japan HDMI LCD touch panel supplier, born for the Japanese market. Our products have been carefully designed by Japanese engineers to meet Japanese customers' requirements for high-quality products. Our products have excellent performance and durability, and are the preferred HDMI LCD touch panel supplier in the Japanese market. We are committed to providing high-quality HDMI LCD Displays and related solutions...
US Capacitive Touch Digitizer manufacturer


In touchscreen devices, the digitizer is a layer of glass designed to convert analog touch comments to digital signals. Both capacitive and resistive touch screen devices have digitizers. It is essentially a layer of glass placed over the liquid crystal display (LCD) layer of the device. The main purpose of a digitizer is to convert an analog signal in a...
Why are more and more touch screen manufacturers developing in the education industry?


Are you new to touch screens now? It would have been a great thing to have a TV set at home in the 1980s. Later, people gradually had mobile phones. Nowadays, touch screens are used in various industries, such as cash registers for cashiers, various medical equipment in hospitals, multimedia equipment in classrooms, and so on. If you were to...
cheap Capacitive Touch Screen satisfy more people’s desire for electronic products


In the market of electronic products, we can see that the price difference between different products will be very obvious. For example, our mobile phones are basically using capacitive touch screens. Some mobile phones have tens of thousands. The price, and some mobile phones can be bought for a few hundred dollars, and the functions are similar, and they are...