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TFT LCD touch display manufacturer recommend satisfactory products for you

There are so many names of LCD products that many terminal manufacturers are in the process of purchasing LCD products. What are the screen application industries? Next, Lean Electronic Technology will explain to you.

1. What is a TFT LCD touch display?

TFT liquid crystal touch display is also called liquid crystal display module, which is mainly assembled by combination, so it is called TFT liquid crystal screen. What are the important components in this module?

(1) Liquid crystal panel, the liquid crystal panel is filled with liquid crystal between two glass substrates, and is an important part of the TFT liquid crystal screen.

(2) The backlight source, including the upper and lower iron frames, LED lights, brightness enhancement film and other components, can only be lit by the backlight TFT LCD screen.

(3) In addition to the panel and the backlight, there are also ICs, cables, upper and lower polarizers, etc., and even the combination of the touch screen and the PCB board is also called a TFT LCD screen. In short, everyone only needs to know that the TFT LCD screen is a combination of the entire components.



2. Industries where TFT LCD screens are used

At present, the application of TFT LCD screen is quite extensive, including the use of electric power, transportation, industry, medical treatment, smart home, artificial intelligence and other industries. With the increase of smart products, the utilization rate of TFT LCD screen will continue to rise in the future.

TFT LCD screen is one of the LCD products with good display effect, simple development, reasonable price and wide application. TFT LCD products have high yield and high reliability, and are the first choice for many intelligent terminal products.

Features of TFT LCD Touch Monitor
TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor, which means that each pixel in the device has a thin film transistor attached to it. The transistors are activated by current in contact with the pixels, resulting in impeccable image quality on the screen. Here are some important features of TFT displays.
Excellent color display. Best-in-class color contrast, sharpness and brightness settings that can be adjusted to specific application requirements.
Extend half-life. TFT displays have a much longer half-life than LED displays, and they also come in various size configurations that may affect the half-life of the device depending on usage and other factors.



TFT displays can have resistive or capacitive touch panels. Resistive is usually standard due to its lower price, but you can also choose capacitive which is compatible with most modern smartphones and other devices.
TFT displays offer excellent aspect ratio control. Aspect ratio control helps improve image clarity and quality by mapping the number of pixels in the source image compared to the resolution pixels on the screen.
Monitor ghosting does not occur on TFT monitors. This is when moving images or objects appear blurred pixels on the screen, similar to ghosts.
TFT displays are widely used. It offers many different interface options that are compatible with various devices and adapted to the technical abilities of all users.
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