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TFT LCD display manufacturer teaches you how to protect your LCD display


first step
Water is always the natural enemy of LCD displays. You may have experienced that if the LCD screen of a cell phone or digital watch is submerged or operated in high humidity, the digital image on the screen will become blurred or even invisible. It can be seen that the destructive power of the water vapor LCD on the screen is amazing. Therefore, we should place the LCD in a dry environment to prevent moisture from entering the LCD
For some users with humid working environment (such as users in humid southern regions), you can buy some desiccant to keep the air around the LCD dry. If the water vapor enters the liquid crystal without any scruples, the liquid crystal will be dried by “Fire Cloud Palm”. Just place the LCD in a warm place like under a lamp and let the water evaporate.

second step
We know that all appliances are heated. If used for a long time, more parts will be over-aged or even damaged. Therefore, it is very important to use the LCD correctly. Now the LCD market has a great influence on CRT, so some CRT manufacturers advertise that although LCD is good, but its service life is very short, in order to mislead customers who want to buy LCD. In fact, most LCDs have no shorter or even longer lifespans than CRTs. How does this affect the life of the LCD? It depends on how many users use their computers today. Many users are now surfing the Internet. For convenience, they often turn off the LCD without turning it off (me included), which will seriously damage the life of the LCD. In general, don’t leave the LCD on for extended periods of time (more than 72 hours in a row), then turn it off or reduce the brightness when not in use.




LCD pixels are composed of many liquid crystals, which can age or burn out if used continuously for too long. Once damaged, it is permanent and cannot be repaired. Therefore, this issue should be given enough attention. In addition, if the LCD is turned on for a long time, the heat in the body cannot be completely eliminated, and the components are in a high heat state for a long time. While the burn may not happen immediately, the performance of the part will degrade before your eyes.
Of course, this is completely avoidable. If the LCD is used correctly, please do not use it for a long time and turn it off after use. Of course, if you use an air conditioner or an electric fan to heat the outside of the LCD, that’s fine. With a little effort, your partner can spend more time with you in spring, summer, fall, and winter.




third step
LCD is very fragile, especially its screen. The first thing to note is not to point your finger at the display or poke it hard. The LCD screen is very delicate. Movement or vibration during the violent process may damage the quality of the display and the liquid crystal molecules inside the display, which will greatly reduce the display effect.
In addition to avoiding strong shocks and vibrations, LCDs contain a lot of glass and sensitive electrical components that can be damaged by a fall on the floor or other similarly strong blows. Also, be careful not to put pressure on the surface of the LCD display. Finally, be careful when cleaning the filter. Use a clean soft cloth.
When using cleaners, be careful not to spray the cleaner directly on the screen. it can flow into the screen and cause a short circuit

the fourth step
Since LCDs are not an easy thing to do, you shouldn’t try to remove or replace the LCD if it fails, as this is not a DIY “game”. Remember one rule: never remove the LCD.

I hope the above explanation can be helpful to you, so that you can spend less money. Follow us to learn more. If you want to buy LCD monitors at a low price, please contact our LCD display