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Why Choose TFT LCD Display Supplier


The LCD screen is a thin film field effect transistor. The so-called thin film transistor means that each liquid crystal pixel on the LCD is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind it. Thereby realizing high-speed, high-brightness, high-contrast LCD screen information. It belongs to TFT active matrix liquid crystal display.

The composition of LCD is not complicated. The LCD panel and the corresponding driver board (also called the main board, which refers to the row and column driving circuits in the LCD panel), the power board, the high-voltage board, the key control board, etc. constitute a complete LCD display. So what are the advantages of TFT LCD?

1. High display quality
Because every point of the TFT LCD screen maintains that color and brightness after receiving the signal, and constantly emits light, instead of constantly refreshing bright spots like CRT. Therefore, the TFT LCD screen has high picture quality, does not flicker, and reduces eye fatigue to a very low level.



2. It has a large viewing area
With the same size LCD screen, the TFT LCD screen has a larger viewing area. The viewing area of ​​the TFT LCD screen is the same as its diagonal size. There is a one-inch border around the front panel of the CRT LCD screen, which cannot be used for display.

3. Digital interface
TFT LCD screens are all digital, unlike cathode ray tube color displays that use an analog interface. That is to say, with the TFT LCD screen, the graphics card no longer needs to convert the digital signal into an analog signal and output it as usual. In theory, this makes the colors more accurate and perfect.

4. The “stature” is well-proportioned and small.
The traditional LCD screen emits electron beams to the flat wood through electrons, so the progress of the kinescope cannot be made too short, and the screen is enlarged, and the entire display must be enlarged. The modern tft liquid crystal display controls the state of the liquid crystal molecules through the electrodes on the liquid crystal screen to achieve the display purpose. Even if the screen is enlarged, the volume will not increase proportionally, and it is much lighter than the traditional display.



5. Low power consumption
The traditional LCD screen is composed of many circuits, which consumes a lot of power when driving the CRT, and as the size becomes larger and larger, the power consumed by its internal circuits will of course increase. In comparison, the power consumption of the TFT LCD screen is mainly consumed on its internal electrodes and driver IC, so the power consumption is much smaller than that of the traditional display.

TFT LCD display for medical equipment
To select the right TFT LCD for medical applications, engineers and decision makers need a comprehensive understanding of how TFT LCD specifications affect the final product. It’s also important to understand how monitors differ from industrial or consumer LCD monitors.
In the past, medical devices with displays were often bulky, with lots of scales and buttons. Machines with buttons and knots provide a breeding ground for harmful pathogens because they are harder to clean than modern machines with flat touchscreen interfaces. Using TFT LCD touchscreens on medical equipment not only facilitates sterilization, but also saves a lot of front-panel space that could be used to display important medical information.


harsh working environment
Medical equipment can be illuminated by extreme temperatures, vibration and shock, humidity and environmental changes. As such, it requires a highly reliable TFT LCD display and possibly a transparent protective cover to protect the display from the rigors of everyday use.
Although the capabilities of a normal LCD display are not enough, medical TFT suppliers can add enhancements such as optically bonded front panels with anti-reflective coatings, transflective displays with both reflective and transmissive properties.
Our tft displays are customizable and by 2022 we have accumulated over 30 patents available, proving our expertise. You can use our products with confidence. Contact us now.