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capacitive touch panel suppliers


A capacitive touchscreen is a control display that uses conductive touch from a human finger or a specialized device for input.

The multi-point touch of the capacitive touch screen can decompose the user’s touch into two tasks: collecting multi-point signals and judging the meaning of the signals, so as to complete the judgment of complex actions.

By stretching and transposing two fingers, you can complete interesting operations such as zooming in and rotating the screen, which was almost unimaginable before the advent of capacitive touch screens.



Advantages of capacitive touch screen:
1. Novel operation. The capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch, making the operation more intuitive and interesting.
2. Not easy to touch by mistake. Since the capacitive touch screen needs to sense the current of the human body, only the human body can operate it, and it will not react when it comes into contact with other objects, so the possibility of accidental touch is basically avoided.
3. High durability.