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Maximize Your Productivity with High-Quality HDMI Touch Displays for Work and Business!


Maximize Your Productivity with High-Quality HDMI Touch Displays for Work and Business! Are you looking for a way to improve your productivity at work or in your business? Consider using high-quality HDMI touch displays! HDMI touch displays offer a more intuitive and user-friendly way to interact with your digital content, whether you're using a computer, laptop, or other device. With...
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As one of the most professional pen touch display manufacturers, we always adhere to the principle of quality first. Our products are not only of high quality, but also of high performance. We enjoy a high reputation not only in the domestic market, but also in the international market. A professional manufacturer of pen touch displays located in China. With...
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An LCD screen is an electronic display module that uses liquid crystals to produce. Liquid crystal modules are mainly divided into screen and backlight components. The two parts are assembled together but work independently of each other. The principle of liquid crystal display is that the backlight component emits light, and the light is displayed through the liquid crystal screen....
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HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, a standard for simultaneously transmitting digital video and audio from a source, such as a computer or TV cable box, to a computer monitor, TV, or projector. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface and is the most commonly used high-definition signal for transmitting high-definition audio and video over a single cable. The touchscreen cable...
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LCD panels have various desirable characteristics, such as slim construction, light weight, high resolution, and are rapidly entering the PC monitor market. Main application as LCD Switching from PCs to TVs, monitors became larger and cheaper, and these monitors were made of larger-sized mother glass so they could be produced more efficiently. At Hitachi High-Tech, we offer a comprehensive lineup...
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A capacitive touchscreen is a control display that uses conductive touch from a human finger or a specialized device for input. The multi-point touch of the capacitive touch screen can decompose the user's touch into two tasks: collecting multi-point signals and judging the meaning of the signals, so as to complete the judgment of complex actions. By stretching and transposing...